Your studio, your rules.

A growth partner platform that works...for you.

No commission, no fees, no restrictions.

Enhanced experiences, not just discounts.

Your customer growth strategy needs to be sustainable, profitable, and most importantly, align with your values as a brand. It's time to stop getting squeezed by class resellers diluting your brand who dictate the terms of your growth strategy and start enhancing your customer experience with real value.

How it works for studios


your schedule

No set up fee. We'll integrate with your current booking management system or create it for you.

Set your


Fill those unbooked spots in your class with discount conditions that are right for you.


on your terms

Get direct bookings and purchases from existing clients on packages and from new clients on the discounted slots you've made available.

Why list with Uplet?

Commission free

That's right! We don't take commission, so the price you promote your class at is the money you're going to earn when it's sold.

Visit limits

Limit the number of visits per month clients can access your studio at discounted pricing.

Discount control

Choose when discounts become available for which classes and at which price.

Discounts on classes should NOT be the entire service

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a choice that requires consistency and commitment - both practically and financially. Uplet members are committed fitness enthusiasts wanting to continue evolving on their path to a healthier life.

Performance analytics

Clients can set goals, track streaks, and measure performance across all their in-studio workout sessions.

Exclusive perks

Clients enjoy exclusive members only offers from the fitness community (discounts on locally made fitness gear & wellness products).

Smart waitlist

Eager to get in your class, clients get automatically waitlisted when their favourite classes are full.

Ready to take back control of your growth strategy?